How Jim can help

What can Mr. Mahacek do for you? What does he not do?

Let’s just start with the negative side. This attorney does not represent clients in:

  • Criminal proceedings
  • Bankruptcy
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Juvenile proceedings

What this attorney does includes the following:

  • Represents clients in all phases of civil appeals in both the California Courts of Appeal and in the U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeal
  • Represents clients before both the California Supreme Court and the U.S. Supreme Court
  • Prosecutes and defends Petitions for Extraordinary Relief (Mandate, Prohibition, Certiorari) in both California and Federal courts.
  • Represents clients in prosecuting and opposing Motions for Summary Judgment in both the California and Federal courts.
  • Represents clients in prosecuting and opposing post judgment motions (Motions for new trial, Motions for judgment N.O.V. and fee motions) in both the California and Federal courts.
  • Provides “second opinions” as to the advisability of filing an appeal or Petition for Extraordinary Relief.

Mr. Mahacek practices appellate law throughout California from Washington to the Mexican borders and in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals (Federal), the California State Supreme Court, and all Appellate Districts. Unlike trial courts that demand numerous “in person” hearings, the California Supreme Court and various Courts of Appeal have only one in person appearance — and some even permit telephonic appearances. The ability to appear throughout the state has become even easier (and less expensive) as the Courts have moved to on line filing.

For 40 years Mr. Mahacek has represented a diverse spectrum of clients, from multi million dollar corporations to the guy next door. His practice encompasses both plaintiffs and defendants, concerning a wide spectrum of individual torts (defamation, assault, personal injury, trespass, nuisance, negligence, and professional malpractice, etc.) and business torts (fraud, interference with business, trade secret violations, and statutory violations.) He has battled cases of Constitutional dimension in Federal and California courts. So whether you are a large corporation, small business, or an individual, Mr Mahacek has the experience and stands ready to assist you when you need it most.