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Certified Appellate Specialist, Board of Legal Specialization, State Bar of California

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“My basic principle in working with clients and advising them on litigation decisions is that I tell them what they need to hear to make a decision, even if it is not always what they want to hear.”

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Business Trial Lawyer of the Year
Orange County Trial Lawyer Association
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Lt. Col. U.S. Marine Corps Reserve
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CA “Superlawyer” in Appellate Law
3 times selected in an independent evaluation

Things to know about appellate law

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How does the appellate process work?

Forget everything you just went through in the Superior Court!

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How long does an appeal take?

There are specific rules as to when the parties should file the record on appeal, their briefs, and…

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How can the appellate specialist help you?

What can Mr. Mahacek do for you? What does he not do?

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Trial is over.

If you won, now you need to defend your hard won victory when the other party tries to have the trial judge reverse your success or files an appeal.

If you lost, now you need to look for legal options to over turn the verdict or appeal.

This is where I come in.

The appellate process is very different from the trial process

It requires both a different mind set and a different skill set. It is time for an appellate specialist. After all, would you ask a brain surgeon to operate on your heart? Both brain surgeons and heart surgeons have medical licenses but both have their specific areas of expertise.

What does it mean to be a Certified Specialist?
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Don't lose your case by choosing the wrong expert

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Advising/representing clients in summary judgment motions and post trial motions.

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Prosecuting/defending Extraordinary Petitions.

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Providing second opinions on appellate issues.

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Full service appellate litigation in Courts of Appeal and Supreme Court; California and Federal jurisdictions.